My Husband: Ronald W. Schwizer

Our wedding, August 19, 1969, Boulder, Colorado

Our (legal) wedding, August 19, 2013, Hancock, Maine

Ron and I were legally married at the Union Congregational Church of Hancock, UCC, on August 19, 2013. That day was the 44th anniversary of our wedding at the United Protestant Chapel at the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1969. That wedding was officiated by the Rev. Wally Toevs and accompanied by a guitar solo of the song "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha.

We were both graduate students at the University of Chicago until 1970 when we moved to New York City to begin teaching careers. We travelled during our summer vacations and bought a second house in Hancock, Maine, in 1981, where we now live year around.

Ron is currently Executive Director of the Pierre Monteux School for Conductors and Orchestra Musicians in Hancock, Maine.

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our photos over the years.

View the slide show of our
wedding, August 19, 2013.

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